Friday, January 21, 2011

Movie Moms

In honor of my awesome mom, (it is her birthday weekend), I have decided to dedicate the next few days to our favorite on-screen moms. To start I'd like to nominate Claudette Colbert as Anne Hilton in Since You Went Away (dir. John Comwell, 1944). I get to be Jennifer Jones, my sister Grey as Shirley Temple and Joseph Cotton as the love interest on-the-side. Jacquemeaux as Monty Woolley.

Who is your favorite on-screen mom?


  1. Aw shucks. I'll be Claudette with one caveat - the dad in the film - who we never see - falls in love with an Italian woman (probably Sophia Loren's older sister given that Sophia was only 10 when the film was made) during the war, never returns, and I get to keep Joseph Cotten - my dream date.

  2. In the 'Screen Moms'poll you have to throw a vote to Lana Turner. She's not a good mom like Claudette Colbert - She wouldn't be your first pick. But if you want drama call on Lana. Try 'Imitation of Life' and 'Madame X'